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Dear Parents,

Please allow your son/daughter to practice addition, subtraction, counting money, and their multiplication facts every day. We are going to have a contest at the end of the year where students can earn an ice-cream cup depending on their multiplication skills. We’ve already covered all facts.  Students know the foundations to deduce them all in case they do not know the product. They are able to represent any multiplication fact as equal groups, repeated additions, and/or arrays. We do not want them to memorize the facts but to understand how multiplication work and derive the products from what they already know. Memorization will eventually occur as a consequence of repeated use. Thank you for your support at home.


Practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts fluency.


Practice and learn all 3rd grade math topics.

Perimeter class by Math Antics

This video explains what is perimeter and how to determine it.

Area class by Math Antics

What is area and how to determine it. Make sure you stop at 5 minutes. We are interested in determining area of squares and rectangles only.

Fun to learn numbers
Image that corresponds to Fun to learn numbers

Fun to Learn Numbers is for kids to practice and reinforce their concepts of number counting, sequencing and picture addition.

Place Value class by Math Antics
Image that corresponds to Place Value class by Math Antics

Basic Math Videos made by a very clever and fun teacher

Place Value Games for 3rd Graders
Image that corresponds to Place Value Games for 3rd Graders

This website provides several activities for your child to revisit and extend place value understanding.

Spell the Number
Image that corresponds to Spell the Number

A fun way to practice spelling numbers from standard form to word form and vice-versa using a check metaphor.

Writing numbers in word form
Image that corresponds to Writing numbers in word form

Using this website, students practice reading numbers in word form and finding the same number in standard form and vice-versa.

Expanded and word form
Image that corresponds to Expanded and word form

Here students will practice converting between expanded and word forms

Fruit Splat
Image that corresponds to Fruit Splat

This website will allow students to practice in a fun way how to convert numbers from expanded form

Image that corresponds to ABCYa

ABCYa provides a huge variety of short games involving math skills for your child to practice while having fun!

Johnnie's Math Page

Over 1000 math activities, tools and games are available to your child!

Johnnie's Math Page is the site to find fun math for kids. Over one-thousand math learning and teaching resources have been categorized and set out for you. 

Math Playground
Image that corresponds to Math Playground

This website provides games with advanced 3rd grade math concepts. Recommended for advanced students now or for all students after we’ve covered addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

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