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Each week students are to study their spelling words and be ready to test on Thursday.  Retesting, if needed, will take place on Friday.

Each Thursday before the test, students hand in the spelling homework.  Most students assignment is to complete any three activities from the Choice Board.

Students with reduced spelling lists or reduced homework will get a list with their words highlighted and the amount of activities changed.

Play games with your spelling words at

List #16:  Other ways to spell /sh/

January 29 – 22

TWO activities due Thursday for homework instead of THREE this Week!

(If your child has a reduced list, the words are highlighted yellow)

1.     appreciate                    11.  financial                    Challenge Words:

2.     affection                       12.  population                 1.  persuasive 

3.     reputation                     13.  electrician                 2.  equivalent

4.     situation                        14.  attractions                3.  atmosphere

​5.     directions                      15.  illustrations              4.  amendment

​6.     personification              16.  power

​7.     anxiously                       17.  full

8.     condition                       18.  check

9.     invitation                       19.  rule

​10.   emotional                      20. among