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Early Act First Knight Program



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Early Act First Knight Program

We are exploring the virtue of 


By embracing this virtue in our lives at school and home we can grow into stronger citizens for our great community.



Dear Parents, This month your child will learn the virtue of responsibility and how to promote this virtue in his/her daily interactions. Your child will analyze thought-provoking quotations, read character-building literature and complete exciting projects and activities. What can you do to assist your child in this endeavor? You can talk with your child about what he/she is learning and seek ways in which you can teach the virtue of responsibility at home. Also, you can assist your child in completing the “Castle Connection” activity designed to promote family unity and parental involvement in the character education process. In this activity, your task will be to assist your child in selecting a family member or family friend that exemplifies that virtue trait. Help them write why that they were chosen and then have your child create an award that you would give to that person. Thank you for your time and effort!







Ana Samano

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