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Character Trait




1st 6 weeks:  Citizenship

2nd 6 weeks: Respect

3rd 6 weeks: Responsibility

4th 6 weeks: Confidence

5th 6 weeks:  Tolerance

6th 6 weeks: Compassion


August – September

Dear Parents,

This month we will be learning about the virtue of citizenship and how students can

learn to become better citizens at home, at school and in the community. We will

discuss the virtue and complete fun activities and projects in order that we may learn to

become better citizens.

During the course of this unit, take time to talk with your child about the meaning of

citizenship. Share some of your own personal experiences, past and present, of how

you demonstrated kindness toward someone. Discuss with your child about a time in

your life when you failed to be a good neighbor and citizen and what the outcome was.

This month’s “Castle Connection” activity, which is designed to promote family unity and

parental involvement in the character education process, is for you to assist your child in

a writing exercise about citizenship.

Thank you for teaching your child abouth the virtue of citizenship!


Dr. E.R. Richter Elementary