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Your child will bring a homework packet to be completed at home Monday through Thursday in your child’s homework folder. This completed packet will be due each Friday. There will be specific activities/problems for your child to complete each night. Homework is an essential part of your child’s education. Homework gives your child an opportunity to practice what we are learning in class to help develop the skills completely.

Reading Log:

Each night your child should read his/her home reader to you out loud. After your child has read to you, please sign the reading log with the date, name of book and your signature. As an incentive to read at night I am offering your child a sticker for his/her sticker chart for each night they read and you mark it on their reading log. When they fill their sticker chart they will be allowed to choose a reward. Until books start being sent home in their folders you can help your child earn a reading sticker each day by reading any book with them at home and signing their reading log.


Pocket Words:

Aside from the sight words your child will be studying in class and in their homework packet each week he/she will also have “pocket words” to study. This will be three (3) flash cards in their pocket word pouch on the back page of their blue folder that are sight words specific to your child. Please study these three cards with your child nightly. As they demonstrate to me that they have mastered their three words, they will earn three new words as they progress through their individualized word list.



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