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Character Trait of the Month

Dear Parents,

This month we will be learning about the virtue of honesty and how students can learn to become more truthful and trustworthy. We will examine a case study and a profile of a historical personality and complete fun activities and projects in order that we may learn to become more honest people.

During the course of this unit, take time to talk with your child about the meaning of honesty. Share some of your own personal experiences of how you were truthful or failed to tell the truth and what the outcomes were. Discuss with your child what it means to have a reputation of being a trustworthy person.

As you did last month, you can also help your child fill out the self-assessment worksheet. Your child will bring the worksheet home and, with your assistance, evaluate to what degree he/she exhibits the character trait of honesty. The purpose of this activity is to help your child determine his/her positive character traits and identify areas where there is room for growth.

Finally, this month’s Castle Connection Activity, which is designed to promote family unity and parental involvement in the character education process, is for you to discuss with your child the phrase “little white lie”, then to list five common “white lies” that children and adults utilize every day. The Castle Connection Activity worksheet will give further information on how to write the poem.

Thank you for teaching your child about the virtue of honesty!


Mr. Marsh

Cory Marsh

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