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Class Information

Daily Folder: Each student will have a binder that will hold their conduct sheet and homework. Please check  your child’s conduct sheet daily and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Thursday Folders: Thursday folders are sent home every Thursday. Inside will be all graded papers from the previous week and any school correspondence. We have included a page for a parent signature in the front of the folder.  Please remove all the papers, sign the signature page, and return the folder to school each Friday. 

Failing grades: If your child receives a failing grade in their Thursday folder, please have them correct the assignment and return it in the folder on Friday. If the failed assignment is a spelling test, please have your child correctly write each incorrect word 3 times each on a separate sheet of paper and return with the spelling test for a correction grade up to a 70. If the failing grade is a test, a retest will be given at school for a corrected grade up to a 70.