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Early Act First Knight

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       We are excited to present to our parents and students the kickoff celebration for the Early Act First Knight character-building program on January 3rd at 12:30pm.  As part of this program, we will host an annual student orientation which will include a jousting ceremony performed by knights on horseback.  This orientation will take place at the Anson Rigby Memorial Rodeo Arena where students will watch the “Tournament of Champions”.  Armored knights will ride atop live warhorses to reenact an authentic medieval competition which will introduce the Early Act First Knight program to our parents and students.  All Richter students need to attend what is sure to be a exhilarating performance by these knights to emphasize the importance of building good character among our Richter family.  With the Early Act First Knight program, we will have 3 knighting ceremonies to recognize 1 student from each homeroom who has consistently demonstrated the character trait at the highest level for that 6-week period.  During the knighting ceremony, selected students will be recognized for their hard work and receive a medal from a knight.  Parents of these selected students will be notified in advance and invited to attend the ceremony.   

          This program will give our Richter family the opportunity to learn and grow as individuals as we promote students to become lifelong learners. We encourage all students to attend this event to ensure that they understand what the Early Act First Knight program is all about.