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Life Skills Class Schedule

(Please be aware that this is a general schedule, and may vary day-to-day, based on our students’ needs. Please contact me if you have questions about a specific day/activity.)


Students come to class beginning at 7:45am.

8:20: Whole class breakfast, Restroom 

8:30-9:20: Fifth Grade Specials

8:50-9:00: PRIDE Time

9-9:40: Texas Tornado Calendar, Number of the Day and Problem of the Day

                    Counting/Money/Time Videos

9:25-10:15: 2nd Grade Specials

9:45-11:45: Language Arts/Math Small Groups, IEP Groups, Work Tasks for Reading/Language Arts and Math, Motor Lab

10:20-11:10: Third Grade Specials

11:45-12:05: Recess

12:10-12:40: Lunch

12:45-1:35: 1st Grade Specials

12:45-3:00: Science, Social Studies, IEP Make-Up Time, Motor Lab

1:40-2:30: Kindergarten Specials

2:35-3:25: Fourth Grade Specials

2:35-3:25: Wiest Conference

3:30: Pack Up

3:40: Dismissal