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Weekly Homework

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On Friday of each week, all students will be tested over the spelling words and dictation sentence along with the sight words. Please continue to practice all sight words that are learned through the year because this will help your child a lot as they are learning to read and improving in their reading skills. Along with the homework listed, you will find a fluency practice passage in your child’s homework packet each week. This is important for them to practice each night because as they improve in reading, their fluency must improve. When we DRA test, the higher leveled books are timed so these passages are excellent practice to prepare your child for that. Please also make sure your child is reading every night, they have the option to read their take home reader, library book, or any book you have at home. Make sure you sign their reading log each night so they can read their reading goals and get Book It! coupons for free pizza!

Week: Spelling Words and Dictation Sentence: Sight Words:
25 – 3/4

deeper, sweetest, reading, soaked, bluest, sailed, eating, high, night, bright, where, any, great, too, said

We cleaned the grill right after lunch.

where, any, great, too, said, between, below, last, school, found

-Spring Break-

26 – 3/18

type, stray, yes, by, try, play, gym, why, crypt, say, want, put, show, too, two

Jay can fly a plane.

want, put, show, too, two, around, does, near, add, answer
27 – 3/25

program, robot, event, bonus, reduce, pretend, delete, rodent, detail, hotel, friend, part, down, over, come

There is a space between my teeth. 

friend, part, down, over, come, page, letter, study, learn, own
28 – 4/1

ago, open, taken, frozen, pilot, what, away, even, the, was, because, large, turn, any, where

Do you like tuna fish?

because, large, turn, any, where, food, father, country, city, keep
29 – 4/8

baby, lady, pony, pinky, gravy, tiny, funny, lumpy, slimy, spicy, show, around, put, does, great

The shiny bike is not speedy. 

show, around, put, does, great, boy, before, through, never, earth
30 – 4/15

sixteen, lifetime, uplift, homemade, railroad, candy, extreme, jumbo, contest, trumpet, move, animal, around, too, large

There is a large napkin inside my lunchbox. 

move, animal, around, too, large, eye, light, thought, picture, under
31 – 4/22

button, puppet, bonnet, accept, hummus, ribbon, channel, funnel, accent, kitten, new, only, your, many, one

Can a rabbit have the hiccups?

new, only, your, many, one, story, don’t, few, while, along