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School Closure- Academic Resources

Hi Everyone! I wanted to put together some resources you can use with your kids while we’re out of school. Some of these are websites with games, activities, etc. Some are apps for your phone or tablet. Others are simply activities you can do with items you have at home. I HIGHLY encourage you to take some time each day to review letters, sounds, numbers, days of the week, etc. It can only help your kiddo out!



  1. Have Fun Teaching- Coronavirus Relief Packs PK-5th Grade:
  2. Kids Activities Blog- This is a comprehensive list of companies that are offering FREE access to their subscriptions during this time. It even includes things like ABCMouse and Brainpop! Definitely take a look at this list!
  3. From ABCs to ACTs- This is another list of education websites you can use during this time. There are some repeats from the list above:
  4. This is a Google Doc with TONS of resources, including links for different zoos, STEM activities, music and PE activities, and even more. It really has a lot that’s worth checking out!


Brain Break Ideas:

Here are some ways to give your kiddos a brain break! While they definitely need the academic refreshers, don’t forget that they need to move and give their brains a break!

  1. Go Noodle on Youtube (tons of movement videos!)
  1. 5 Minute Breaks:

-Jump Rope, Playdough, Coloring, Dance Break, Kids yoga videos on Youtube, Paper Airplane Contest, Read a Book

  1. 15 Minute Breaks:

- Sidewalk Chalk, Watercolor Painting, Ride a Bike, Play Outsides, Play Hide and Seek, Build with Legos, Read a Book, Fly a Kite, Take Nature Pictures

  1. 30 Minute Breaks: 

- Play Outside, Bake a Special Treat, Play with a Favorite Toy, Build a Fort, Play a Card Game, Play a Board Game, Create and Complete a Nature Scavenger Hunt, Do a Craft, Create an Obstacle Course, Play Dress Up